FOODĒ's First Year on Earth

Day 365: The End of the Beginning

It seems almost silly to sum up what I learned in year one.  It’s like asking a kindergartener to give a commencement speech.  There’s a whole road ahead of us and we’ve only just laced up our shoes and started the trip.  Or whatever.

But if I had to pick one thing that stands out–something I know now that I didn’t know on day 1 of opening FOODE’s doors that I know for sure now it’s this: Social Media is a powerful, powerful beast to a small business.  It can save your tail when you have a lot to say and absolutely no money with which to say it (i.e. Facebook, Twitter).  It can catch you completely unprepared with your pants around your ankles (i.e., Groupon and the droves of new faces it brought).  It can tick you off and leave you with no way to defend yourself (i.e., the blasts on Yelp).   And, it can help you share your message with vision, precision, and (if you’re lucky), a little bit of personality.

We knew what we needed to do as soon as we could afford to do it.  Well, I should say, Beth knew.  Beth always knows.  And if you ask me, we can never afford it, but Beth knows when to insist.  And as we approached the end of year 1, she insisted we launch a new website.  So here it is.  The new site, the new blog, the next step of FOODE.

It’s the beginning of the next beginning.  Or whatever.


2 responses

  1. Cordelia (Cordy) Dickson

    Thank you for a wonderful year, here’s hoping the years will only get better, and the friends and customers you have made will continue to support you. You have a wonderful beginning, our wish for you is that you continue to grow wisely, and prosper. You bring something fresh and new to the area in both your out look and the restaurant, and for that we thank you. We shall enjoy watching your progress. May all of your hopes and dreams for Foode’s and your future become a reallity. Enjoy the ride with all its ups and downs, we will be there to celibrate the highs and lift you up in the downs.

    As always
    Cordy and Bill

    January 18, 2012 at 1:33 pm

  2. Melissa Watson

    Congratulations Beth and Joy!! Foode is awesome! Seriously great food, tremendously reasonable prices and a welcoming and casual atmosphere. Eating perfection in Fredericksburg. Can’t wait for year 2 Ladies. Keep up the great work! We’ll be back soon for another tasting dinner….YUM!

    January 18, 2012 at 5:40 pm

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